My life has never been better, and it isn’t going unnoticed by me.

It’s been a little while since I last wrote a new blog-post, but here I am––on the page again. My life has changed so much these past couple of months that I’ve barely had a chance to process it, much less write about it. But now, with each day I find myself settling down, and finally getting a chance to reflect on it all. 

Moving to Manhattan from Brooklyn was no small thing. I’ve now lived in my new place for almost two months, and though two weeks of that time were spent on tour in the UK, I’ve been gradually getting to know my new neighborhood, and making my new house a home. I’m loving the energy of Manhattan even more than I was expecting to, and truly enjoy feeling like I’m in the middle of everything. The pace of my days has already accelerated noticeably. Living in a ground floor apartment in this city means that I’m psychologically always on the ready to come and go, and to get things out the door. This––in contrast with living in my fourth-floor-walkup in Brooklyn with a 45-minute subway commute to Manhattan––makes for quite a different existence! I’m on the front lines now, and goddammit, I like it this way!

I’ve been working hard these past two years––and non-stop––expanding my career beyond anything I’ve experienced before. After returning from an exciting and successful tour in the UK a few weeks ago, I’m ready to breathe deep and ‘take a minute’ for myself. There’s a wonderful and palpable feeling of momentum I’ve been experiencing––a tailwind so to speak, as opposed to a headwind (which I’m also familiar with). Ferociously believing in my music and promoting my album, Didn’t You, My Dear?, for this extensive period of time has gotten me here, and I’m so grateful. Now is a moment for me to recharge, to create new music, and to consolidate all that I’ve experienced so I can hit the ground running again in the fall. I’ll be sharing those experiences and thoughts more regularly in my blog throughout this next period, so I hope you’ll join me for it all.

I’m in such a great place right now. A friend of mine referred to this moment in my life as Camelot, and dammit, that’s right: 



1. the legendary site of King Arthur’s palace and court, possibly near Exeter, England.

2. any idyllic place or period, especially one of great happiness.

Yup, it’s true: my life has never been better. I may look wistfully at this moment some day in the future, but I’m also looking at it with clear eyes in the present. Lest I ever wonder whether I enjoyed it to the fullest: Yes I did. And I am.