This week, I’m embarking on my second major tour of the West Coast following a successful run there last August. I’m thrilled to once again be joining forces with my dear friend and brilliant artist Blake Morgan, as we make our way from Seattle, Portland, Eugene, Chico, San Francisco and Crockett, all the way down to Los Angeles. Our motto for this run is “whatever happens, we’re gonna have fun doing it.” A pretty good motto for life in general, come to think of it.

I’ve never in my life been as busy as I am right now. Life is rich and rewarding, but also quite challenging, as I stretch myself to become the next “operating system version” of myself. It doesn’t happen without serious exertion and effort and I’ll be damned if I’m not gonna give it my all.

I’m aware that what I’m doing is uncommon. In the last few years my my music and my career have hit a new––and indeed higher––level. They’ve risen like freshly baked bread, together, and they’ve done so at a time in music where that is very, very rare. The artistic and musical choices I’ve been making have been met with an enthusiasm that I am so gratified by. And, it’s all built an entirely new structure and foundation in my life.

Touring is much harder and more unglamorous than most think, but it does have its magic. It can be illogical. Stressful. Unrealistic. Not normal. Sometimes even crazy. But, the rewards are not simply equal to the task, they are what stay with me, far past when the conventional inconveniences fade. So fuck convention. I’m resolved. I’m forging this path, and I’m armed and ready.

Interestingly enough, the current political climate is actually encouraging to me. In the face of oppression, my resolve has deepened even more. Forging this path feels not so much a choice, as a necessity. Picking up my electric guitar and driving thousands of miles in a car so I can play my music to people isn’t just an adventure, it’s an incredible way to forge a connection with others. It’s inspiring, motherfuckers. Ha! Yes, it’s crazy, I know. But it’s my kind of crazy.