Man, I’m living the time of my life right now! I’ve honestly realized that I’ve never been happier. Things are simply looking up in every area of my life, and I’m immensely grateful for it! Holy shit, I’M HAPPY!!! Amazing..! I can see now that this is how a life changes––incrementally, one step at a time––and with hard, consistent work. And then one day you wake up to the realization that life looks and feels quite different than it did before. Lighter, brighter, beautiful. It’s a new day in my life, my friends. It’s a new day. Hard work does get rewarded after all.

I’m excited for my Concert Series beginning at The Bowery Electric this week. I’m excited to be exploring some older songs too in the coming months and bringing them back to my repertoire. It feels good, and right. I’m super-excited to be traveling to the UK in the middle of October to do some shows in London! Argh!!! So awesome!!! I’m also thrilled to be booking yet another West Coast Tour for early next year. Work is incredibly rewarding right now, and I’m grateful to have a wonderful, energetic group of people around me, sharing the work and this journey.

It’s amazing to be feeling this way. I realize that this too is a moment in time, and that it passes, but having the courage to share it is so important. Having the courage to really know it and feel it is important. I’ve made a point of noticing these moments with a couple of close friends of mine: those ordinary moments in life where you feel deeply connected, and together you know that it’s both special, and unforgettable. Knowing that whatever happens in life, you had that moment, and that you were present for it. Whatever happens next, there was this moment, and you acknowledged it. I call it the “Connecticut Muffin” moment, after having had this kind of moment deeply and for the first time at the Connecticut Muffin Cafe around my corner.

So, I’m having a Connecticut Muffin moment today! Whatever happens next, life is good––so good––right now. And I’m right here to enjoy it. Pictured above is me and my cousin back in the day, experiencing a Connecticut Muffin moment of our own. Notice my joyful hand! Good stuff.