1. a person who is fully grown or developed.
    “children should be accompanied by an adult”

Yup. That’s how I feel this week. Like an adult. Making adult plans, writing adult emails, making adult choices, and speaking up like a fucking adult. I love it.

One adult choice that I made––some months ago actually––was to start an Artist-In-Residence Concert Series in New York. And now the fruits of that adult choice are, er…coming to fruition. The premiere of my residency is now less than two weeks away! This is a real commitment, friends. This is me saying to myself (and to anyone who will listen) that I commit to creating a compelling, meaningful, and memorable experience repeatedly, every other month, at a great venue I love: The Bowery Electric. And, that I believe my audience will want to want to come back to hear more, and bring their peeps too! That’s how that shit works. I’m committed, and excited to push myself with this series to get to a new level. To build a scene. And yeah, I’m also feeling the newness of it. Pushing through to the next level in anything that one does is never easy. But I’m not expecting it to be. The process is intimidating, but potentially rewarding unlike anything else.

One of my favorite compliments that I’ve ever gotten came from a keyboard player, Federico Pena, who I worked with back in the day. He said that he always looked forward to working with me because I was a singer who always gave her all, even in rehearsal. I was surprised, as I didn’t have anyone to compare myself to (wasn’t everyone like this?). His point was that I never did a half-assed job of it, and I’ve really held on to that compliment. It means a lot to me. Sometimes I’ve been sick––even very sick, at times––both in rehearsal, and on stage, but it’s true: whatever I have had available to me at any given moment, as an artist, I’ve always given it my all.

So, in two weeks, on Thursday, October 6, I’ll take the stage at The Bowery Electric, and needless to say I intend to put it all out there. I’m planning on playing two brand new songs that I’m very proud of, which is always a BIG MOMENT. I’m moving forward, making new music, and it’s a thrill to be able to share that process as it’s ongoing. This is a grown up thing to do, I think. To take on a big project like this, and know that it will open new doors that I can’t even conceive of yet. Being brave, and taking the next step even when I don’t know exactly where it leads. Being an adult is cool.

Tickets to The Bowery Electric, here!