I have an awesome, quirky, yoga-teacher from Mexico, who at regular intervals tells the following amusing story in the beginning of his class in his adorable, thick, Mexican accent. It goes something like this: 

A wise teacher was walking one day when he heard one of his students cry out to him… “Master, master, help me!” The teacher quickly rushed to the student, only to find him hugging a cactus. “Master, master,” the student cried, “Please help me, I’m in agony!” The teacher looked at him, and calmly replied, “Just let go.” The student then loosened his grip of the cactus and with his arms stretched out wide said “Ohh…Thank you master. Thank you!” 

Sure, it’s kind of a silly and simple story, but I get it.

I’ve started decluttering…gradually…as I’m beginning to prepare for a move to Manhattan, after 20 years of living in Brooklyn. This will be a slow transition––as moves go––and will not happen overnight, or even before the end of this year. But it is happening, and I’m very excited about it.

In the process of moving I’ll be letting go of a lot of baggage––quite literally!––and detaching myself from a lot of cactuses that I didn’t even know I was hugging. Stuff can become pretty sticky as it accumulates, and some of the stuff I own is just slowing me down. It’ll feel good to get down to the nitty gritty of what my life’s about, and what I actually need for it to work. As for Brooklyn––rest assured you’ll be hearing a lot about my love for it as this process moves forward. But I do recognize a moment when it arrives, and the moment is here. Taking this new, transformative step is the right thing to do. 

My unconscious mind is aligning with my conscious one, as for a while now I’ve been having powerful, recurring dreams of liberating myself. I won’t go into details as to the content of those dreams…I’ll simply say that I see myself “letting go of the cactus” quite regularly. And yes, it does feel so much better.

Ps. The pics are from a drive through the desert during my recent tour.