I’m back in Brooklyn, settling back into my life, having come back from my West Coast tour late Sunday-night. I’m having what a friend of mine calls “summer camp feeling.” That poignant feeling that one gets at the end of a powerful and intense experience…when you’ve been a part of a community, having some sort of adventure, and all of a sudden you’re supposed to go back to what’s normal––to go on with your life as if everything’s the same, when everything’s different. You’re different. And you just feel…out of place.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m happy to be back home. Touring really is exhausting! But it’s an incredible adjustment to go back to normal routines after doing concerts night after night, having great adrenaline rushes, dips and dives, living out of a suitcase, driving great distances, and staying at different hotels each night. It’s a mindfuck both ways. And mind you, this was only two weeks. This gives me much more insight into the lives of other touring musicians, business people, politicians, actors, dancers, troupes, troops, humanitarians, travelers, and whoever else does this sort of thing. I’m sure there are all kinds of tricks of the trade that one learns along the way, and I’m sure the transitions get easier the more you do this, but this is where I’m at right now. I’m adjusting.

That all being said, we’re already in the process of booking a similar round of gigs for the West Coast in early 2017! And I’m about to travel to England next month to do some concerts there..! Not to mention the fact that I’m starting up my bi-monthly NYC residency at The Bowery Electric on Thursday, October 6th! There’s a lot of amazing stuff going on!! I mean, this is EXCITING! This is…success! And I’m thrilled. I really am! OF COURSE I am.

But today I’m fighting a cold, and I’m taking it one moment at a time. I’m living a beautiful, inspiring, exciting time in my life, and I’m having a decidedly human experience of it. Being an artist is not just glitz and glamour, in case anyone was still under the impression that that’s what it is. It’s hard work, and it requires a great amount of emotional stability, psychological strength, and physical stamina. I’m in the process of replenishing my reserves, so I can do all of this again real soon. And ironically, I can’t wait!