Day 6/14 of my West Coast Tour and I’m realizing I should’ve packed more T-shirts. I get to wear all my stuff more than once, and I’m already a bit bored of the line: “Circular reasoning works because circular reasoning works”, that’s printed on the front on one of my T-shirts. I packed lightly indeed.

Right now I’m in a rental car driven by my partner in crime, Blake Morgan, headed from San Diego to Los Angeles. We’ve done 3 concerts so far–two at the House of Blues in Las Vegas, and one at Lestat’s in San Diego. We also did a morning TV-show performance at a San Diego TV-station, and a radio interview this morning for Music Friday Live.

What touring is, is kind of like sowing seeds for my music; some of them will take root and grow, and eventually lead to more seeds being planted… In a massive country like the US, the quest to get myself heard can feel daunting, but I’m decidedly not intimidated by it. I believe in what I’m doing, and I feel a strong sense of purpose. The simple act of sowing these seeds is incredibly powerful for me. I know that I’m in the right place, and that being on this tour is the right thing to do right now.

I wasn’t kidding about the “Thousand Ways to Die Tour” though. We’ve had to dodge some major bullets already, including suffering from some serious chemical sensitivities, breathing in the noxious air of our hotel/casino in Las Vegas. At some point I actually felt like I was on a roller coaster even as I was sitting down, and Blake felt even worse. But we did make it through, with flying colors in fact. And we’re stronger for it.

This is not easy. Not at all. I need all my emotional, psychological, physical, and most importantly, musical skills to make all this work. But it is working, goddammit. It is working.