#Janita #JanitaArtist Photo by Reto Sterchi

Next week is a huge week for me. On Tuesday I’ll be releasing my new single Beautiful You Are, along with the cover-image of my upcoming album for the very first time.  Woo-hoo!! Also, as of next Tuesday my album will be available for pre-order. Holy shit!!! I don’t know that I’ve really even wrapped my mind around all of that yet… This is a big fucking deal in my life!

Two days ago I held my new CD in my hands for the very first time. At the risk of sounding melodramatic–witnessing the package and my work of these last four years in this concrete way was life-altering. This project truly feels different: honest and true unlike ever before. I say that because my knowledge and understanding of myself is on a completely different level now than at any other previous point in my career.  And “All songs written by Janita” on the back of the CD–well, that is profoundly gratifying to me. This is a brand new beginning for me, of independence, and of being prolific as an artist. To celebrate this important moment in my life I will be performing my new album, as a preview, in a concert this Thursday.

Through my love of other artists I have understood that if I’m moved by a particular project that they do, I have to jump on seeing them live while they’re still promoting that particular project. Otherwise I might never see them play a specific favorite song again. My idols are often the ones that move on to create music that is quite different from album to album. As an example, The Punch Brothers have just released an album, that literally makes me bawl because of its beauty. There is no way that I will miss their concert while they’re promoting this album! (And in fact, I already have tickets to a concert of theirs coming up..!)

People sometimes come up to me wanting to hear a particular song from my past, and depending on what it is, the chances are that song is no longer in my repertoire. By comparison, Chris Rock is not out there touring, doing the same jokes over and over again every year, is he? Music is different of course than comedy, but there are many similarities too. I personally prefer the artists that deliver a different “punchline” each time. And in my own case, the woman I was when I released Seasons Of Life or Haunted…well, I am much changed from those days already. And quite frankly, I wouldn’t even want to go back. I am thrilled to be where I am at this very moment.

Any album may be around “forever”, but the artist, or a particular version of that artist will not. I regret to have missed certain heroes of mine at my preferred points in their careers, for I know now that these are missed opportunities that won’t present themselves again. But I’m glad to know what I know now, so I can try to catch as many of my most beloved artists live as I can.

Which brings me to this. The roll-out of this album is a unique and unforgettable point in my career, and through the examples I mentioned before I understand how precious it is. I invite you to share the specialness of this moment with me next week on Tuesday as my single is released, and again on Thursday as I perform an intimate concert at Rockwood Music Hall, stage 3, at 7pm. I’ll try to remember as I live through this special week, to relish every moment. None of them will ever come again.