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Within the last year I have developed a habit to check in with a friend of mine with a daily gratitude-list. Some earlier version of me would’ve probably thought of this practice as cheesy or new agey, but the current version of me finds it nourishing and utterly essential to my well-being..

On some days I find it harder to be grateful. Life can feel overwhelmingly challenging at times. But I have found that even on those days I can mention in my list the simple basics of life: fresh food, roof over my head, clean water of various temperatures, heat/air-conditioning… As I’ve written my lists it’s become clearer than ever how not simple and basic these seemingly simple and basic things are. On any given day there is such a multitude of things–necessities, not just luxuries–for me to be grateful for. Even when it feels like existence is kicking my ass, daily awareness of my blessings has helped me appreciate my fragile reality in this world, allowing me to see it as the magical place it’s turning out to be. I no longer take the basics for granted. Simply because I can see that they aren’t for granted.

My life’s not perfect, but I’ve been lucky in many ways, and I am connected to that fact. It doesn’t take Thanksgiving Day to roll around for me to acknowledge my many good fortunes. Nor does it require that it’s Valentine’s Day for me to be in touch with my loving feelings. But perhaps Thanksgiving Day is as good a day as any for me to come out of the closet and say that I am indeed thankful — for my life, for my career, for my many meaningful relationships with many extraordinary people. I express my thanks too to the Universe for giving me the willingness to fight to have the life that I want for myself. I’m not quite where I want to and need to be — yet — but at the same time, I totally am. Right smack dab in the middle of it. If ever I don’t see it I just have to adjust my perspective, ever so slightly.

Happy Thanksgiving my friends!