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I’m in a kind of transition phase at the moment. I’m working on my album cover, planning a release schedule, and doing much work around my record in general. But I can share none of it with you yet, as that would defeat the purpose of all this mysterious preparation and planning, wouldn’t it? Just know that new music is coming, this month even! So, instead of divulging all my secret plans regarding my album, I will write about something that’s not connected to my music at all: food.

A year or so ago I wrote about my positive experiences with Coursera.org, a site that offers university courses on a plethora of different subjects. Back then I studied Sustainability and Modern American poetry. Now, three weeks ago, I started a new course, this one about nutrition, and it’s having an unexpectedly large impact on me!

I am pleasantly surprised how much change is brought on by the simple act of watching a couple of 10-minute video lectures a day about the subject of nutrition. It hadn’t even occurred to me that the change that was sneakily happening in my eating habits had something to do with the videos. But despite my original assumptions that I already knew all that I really needed to know about food and nutrition, I am learning lots of new things. Awareness is key, isn’t it? In this too..!

I always thought that when people said “eat more vegetables” and “eat less refined grains and sugar”, it was more of a suggestion. Kind of like traffic lights..! (Just kidding.)  The powers that be couldn’t possibly be serious, that I’d have to live a monastic life, devoid of my beloved sweets and treats!? I’ve been addicted to all things sugar for my whole life and it is a central character in my day-to-day existence!! Sure, I’ve taken the occasional hiatus from it, but this trusty old friend always returns at some point, easily lodging itself back into my daily routines.

But something is going on now… A more profound change in my thinking. I’ve noticed a difference in the way I feel after making little tweaks in my day-to-day eating habits; a very positive effect in my health and my energy-level! I want more of this..! I think the key is to continue to be engaged in literature and information about nutrition throughout my life–to be mindful. It’s the mindless living that gets me off track! Anything important in my life I need to continue to spend time with, and give energy to, and this is one of those things. Taking care of myself is an area in which I can grow for the rest of my life.

Life in New York can be hectic and fast-paced, so keeping myself in optimum health is especially important. It is so easy to get used to grabbing some unhealthy processed food on the go, but knowing the facts is power; it changes things. It prevents me from making bad choices. At least when it comes to food.

This post is a good segue to what I’m writing about in my blog next week! I filmed a TV-show for Finnish TV (MTV3) a while ago called Hansin Matkassa, which is  a program with a strong food-theme. I will talk more about my participation and the process of filming of what essentially is a cooking show, albeit an unusual one..! It was an interesting adventure indeed. More about that next week! Bon appetit!