#Janita #Janitaartist

As I write this, I’m on a New York City subway heading to Manhattan. It is Tuesday evening, and having just finished a full day of work, I’m feeling some appropriate satisfaction for it. What better time to reflect on what comes next!  A smart-phone is indeed a nifty tool on moments like this….

I must confess that I have become Americanized in that now, for me too, the day after Labor Day means “back to work.” Perhaps in some ways it’s even more of a transition to a New Year than the actual New Year is? In any case, I like it. It fits in with my current plans. For me this is a school year of sorts. A year to use what I’ve put so much effort into learning, and to learn…well…….more! After a nice summer vacation with even some brief stints at the beach (!), I am rested and ready for some action!

I am thrilled about the year of work ahead. I predict much expansion and growth: new music, concerts, new friends and collaborators, fashion and style exploration and travel. I predict my career rising to new heights! I have worked very hard for this. In fact, I have worked very hard just to be ready for this. Whatever comes next, I am poised for it. I feel confident, optimistic and inspired.

So, I invite you to share in my journey this year. I may have said it before, but I’ll say it again: it has been an absolute pleasure connecting with you through my posts and my blogs, and I look forward to it continuing. From my perspective, sharing my life in my blog in the last four years has been cathartic and transformative. Along the way I’ve written about some heavy subjects and I know that at times my blog has been rather dark. But I am proud to have been honest in those moments, and to not have sugar-coated things. Because of that it is even more exciting to now be in a place of productivity, excitement and joy.

My current quest is to take what comes next exactly as it comes, and to continue to report on my experiences and emotions in an open and honest way. Whether I am met with humongous worldwide stardom and success or incontrovertible oblivion (or anything in between for that matter….;)) with my new music, I look forward to sharing my story of it with you. I think it will be interesting. With enthusiasm and optimism, I begin/continue this adventure. And I let go of the results…

Here’s to new beginnings!

With love,