#Janita #JanitaArtist

On Monday-evening at 6pm I was sitting in an austere classroom in a kafkaesque building somewhere deep in the heart of Brooklyn. I was there to test for and register in an adult education program in order to complete my studies for the high school equivalency-test. That’s right: I never finished high school. I am aware that this fact occasionally raises eyebrows. The GED-test has been on my radar for the last couple of years, but so far the timing hasn’t been right in terms of work, etc.

It took about 2.5 hours to complete the evaluation test, and I felt rather confident throughout, quite to my surprise. I was expecting the math to create some challenges for me, but even that turned out to be rather easy. Wow. Apparently Sal Khan from http://www.khanacademy.com has taught me well! It’s amazing how much quality learning is accessible via the internet these days..! The next day I got an exciting call from the instructor, who told me that I had aced the test! Turns out I don’t actually need the education-program at all. Holy shit! Apparently I am ready to take the test already!

My lack of a high school diploma has ended up being an hindrance for me, even if it initially seemed unlikely to be that. “I am an artist after all! What do I need a diploma for?” That was erroneous and closed-minded thinking, not only on my part…. But at the time I simply didn’t know any better. As a clear-headed adult it is my opinion, that a basic education is important, no matter what you do.

There are numerous odd things happening in bizarre nooks and crannies in this city. Luckily for many, some of those nooks host free adult education. Not all of us end up living a life following the customary arc. Although I wish that I had had the opportunity to complete my high school education at the age most people did, I do relish the opportunity to witness this alternative universe. It is heartening to find smart, supportive and kind people providing educational services for people like me and the others in the testing room on Monday. I hope they all reach the goals that they are shooting for. As for me, I will most likely find myself in another bureaucratic labyrinth of a building, finishing my high school equivalency test, on a day coming up real soon..!