What a lift to be starting the process of launching my record! This week I added a (long overdue) current photograph of me on my Facebook, Twitter, and on this blog, and I love how refreshed it’s making me feel. I got a lot of love from my friends and fans, which was truly heart-warming, and I wish to extend my gratitude here. And for the person who asked me what color my hair is in all actuality, I answer that it is the color that it is in this new photograph. At the moment I’m going au naturel.

On Monday I recorded the last vocal for my album and it was quite a unique experience; not just because of the excitement of finishing this album-project. After the first two attempts at singing the song, my producer Blake Morgan and I realized that something was off. I was simply being too dramatic and too overpowering for the song. I didn’t see how I could get into the right mental zone, and that’s when Blake suggested that I play air-piano as I sang. Heeding his suggestion, I immediately began singing it with the right emotion. We are creatures of habit, us human beings, and I am used to playing the frickin’ piano while I sing that song. Simple as that. I felt a bit like a trained monkey, singing and playing my invisible piano, but hey–whatever works.

I have noticed that playing the piano or the guitar does something cool to my vocals across the board. I can be very dramatic and intense when I sing, and sometimes even a little too much so. Playing an instrument has helped me simplify my expression, because I have to concentrate on the playing so much. Yeah, I’m not embarrassed to admit it. When I play I don’t have the headspace to go all out on my vocalizing, and apparently this is a good thing.

Admittedly, I have “au naturelled” a number of aspects about myself, and that is how I enter this new phase in my life: no frills. (Or…well…minimal frills.) I’ve let go of many of those “baubles, bangles and beads” that I used to think I needed in order to be ‘enough’ in this world. And even though I still occasionally fall into the trap of thinking that I need to be more than I am, I am starting to trust that I am ok just as is. As I was in the beginning. Au naturel. A friend of mine says “If less is more, why do we even call it less? Shouldn’t we just call it more?” Hear hear.