Last night I heard for the very first time a song that was inspired by me. What touched me the most was not that I fell in love with the song immediately (which I did!), but that it was a joyful song..! Really?? Amazing. It is a wonderful thing to inspire happiness in another human being. I don’t know that I’ve ever known of my impact on someone quite like that before. Although I’ve written songs about many people myself, it hadn’t really occurred to me that I would be a subject myself, unless it was a dark and tortured song, hehe…. This is further proof of light having entered my life: the ability to be a light for someone else.

I have written a number of tunes, of which the subjects probably hope they weren’t the subjects of. I’ve made awkward confessions in song, painted myself (at times quite accurately) in a less than desirable light; I’ve expressed my obsessions and also my fears about being in a relationship. And then I’ve wondered why people haven’t been honored to have had a song written about them! Ha! I can certainly see why now. Had the song that I heard last night been anything less than joyful, it might have been a bit of a downer, to be honest. There is something about a piece of music, that bears a lot of emotional weight, both positive and negative.

So, it occurs to me to express a certain understanding to those people who I’ve written about, in not always a flattering light. To those of them who have actual feelings, I would like to extend a sentiment of compassion, if not apology. And to those who do not? Well, overall I choose to live and let live. But if it be true that the pen is mightier than the sword, I do hope they feel a little prick.