I’m having a good day! The sun is shining, it’s a beautiful, warm fall Saturday, I just got my laundry done, I’m going to see a movie later… Fucking awesome. One reason why I’m feeling so good is that things have been moving forward with the production of my album. It took me a while to get comfortable in the studio, to not get hostile, defensive or detached, (yes, unfortunately I’ve been all these all things at different times) but I think I’ve finally been able to move beyond my fears and go on to create some beautiful music with my producer Blake Morgan, on a consistent basis.

Working on my music has a lot of heavy baggage attached to it, because I used to make all my albums with a person who I was also married to. (This is no secret.) At first, I expected the current process to be similar to what it had been in the past, back when I was not encouraged to be a part of the process. I will give you an example of a studio-day during the recording of my Sony album in 1998: I would sit on the sofa at the studio, reading Cosmopolitan or sleeping all day and all night, until 4am in the morning when the recordings ended. At another session I would be playing Ms. Pacman all day. I was anything but behind the console and was very detached from the production itself. This, even though I am marked as the executive producer of my albums. It happens, people.

Being in the studio now is different like night and day from what it used to be. My producer Blake Morgan and I are very much a team, and I feel like I’m being listened to at every turn. I also wrote every tune from top to bottom, so the roots of all the songs are in me anyway–can’t no one take them away. And by the way, no Cosmopolitans anywhere in the vicinity! Hehe. I feel free to express my ideas with Blake, whatever they may be, and know that I won’t be ridiculed or ignored. I am constantly encouraged to do more, to play more myself and to follow my vision. It’s all I’ve ever wanted: the encouragement, the empowerment. I’m gobbling it up.

It took some time to develop trust, as working in the studio is a very intimate process, but I think we’re finally there. It can be challenging to see a new, healthy and fun situation for what it is, instead of hanging all my old “Christmas-ornaments” on it, but it’s worth the effort. Looking forward to some fun and productive times in the studio!