On Thursday I recorded my first tracks on electric guitar, ever. I have a feeling we won’t end up using any of it, because I will do it again and better next time…but just the act of doing it was powerful for me. Deciding which guitar to play on the recording, deciding on the sound and which effects to use–all of this is utterly new for me and thus, a wee bit scary.

There is something utterly intriguing about the electric guitar for me. So many of my musical heroes come to mind as playing it, which makes it admittedly a bit intimidating. Like, “who am I to try and join that group?” I’ve had my Fender Telecaster for two years now, yet almost always I’ve opted to play my acoustic guitar instead. I suppose it has seemed more approachable, less dangerous. I’ve had this voice within me, telling me that I have to be more serious and more skilled in order to play the electric, or some bullshit like that. This is not helpful. Also, it’s not accurate.

Now, I’m trying to substitute the word ‘scary’ with ‘exciting’, to help me look at things from a different angle. As in, “this is new and thus Exciting, ” as opposed to “this is new and thus scary.” I try not to be so freaked out and remember that this is where I am, and that’s enough. So what if I’m not where I want to be on the first try. I go home, practice a little more and come back better prepared.

I am now playing the electric guitar out of necessity, as no one would play my guitar parts quite like I do. And frankly, necessity is as good a reason as any. As long as something gets me to do it, to take that step forward. And all things said, I have a feeling that the electric guitar will be a big deal in my life. It’s not scary, it is Exciting!

“Do not fear mistakes. You will know failure. Continue to reach out. “
–Benjamin Franklin