I’ve just spent the whole day shooting a Finnish TV-show, and I have to say, I’m exhausted! I’ve never done a show quite like this before, and the day was full of firsts. Man, learning new stuff can be tiring…! I feel pretty proud of myself though, as I think I was more myself than I’ve ever been with the cameras rolling. I’ve always been really anxious and nervous when I’ve done TV, and this felt quite different. The film crew was a fun group of people and I felt quite relaxed and in my own element. I’m sure there’s always room for improvement, but I do think I would actually recognize myself on this show. Nice!

The crew and I will continue tomorrow for another full day, thus I’ll keep my blog on the short side, as I want to make sure I get the rest I so obviously need. It’s a matter of experience though: things do get a lot easier (and less fatiguing) the more you do them. I do hope that there are many more projects like this in my future. For the first time in my life I can honestly say that I enjoy doing it. Perhaps it is because for the first time in my life I am ready for it. 

“The readiness is all”
–William Shakespeare, Hamlet and Christopher Nolan, Dark Knight Rises