Whoa! Life feels exciting and fun today! I was just recording a demo of a new song for my band (we have a gig on the 11th of October) and I had this moment of: “Wow! I have my own sound! I’m making something beautiful, I’m making something cool!” I still have a Lot to learn when it comes to recording, but every now and then I stop and marvel about how far I’ve come in a couple of short years. So many new skills, so much new knowledge… Yes, I wish I’d learned much of this 10 or more years ago, but truly–given where I was, it was impossible at the time.

A friend just told me this week cheekily but seriously, that when he met me 3 years ago, I was in the “intensive care unit.” Some time after that I was in critical condition, then gradually stable, then in recovery… Long story short, he now tells me that I’m in “physical therapy,” which is a long way from where I started. Hehe…he didn’t even know me when I was in a coma. It was pretty bad I have to say.

I feel very grateful that I am here today and that I’ve made it this far. I understand now how hard I have worked to achieve this sanity and stability, and I feel very proud. I know that the healing journey is still far from over, but I feel like I’m taking a long deep breath right now. The best is yet to come..!

“The wound is the place where the Light enters you.” 
– Rumi