I am very excited to report that I have now started production work on my next album! On this record I will be playing guitar myself for the very first time in my life, and most likely I will also be playing piano. In addition to this, I have written every song myself (with the exception of a possible cover-tune).

Two years ago I would never have thought any of this possible, as I was still very much climbing out of the wreckage of what my life had been. I had been made to believe that I was dependent on other people’s skills and intelligence to survive, to accomplish anything in this world. Now I’m discovering day by day that I can and will be able to navigate this life on my own. Collaboration and partnership is a whole other deal–a matter of choice rather than necessity. And thus, it becomes a prospect of joy and adventure; equality instead of dependency.

Artists often put pressure on themselves in trying to create “The Masterpiece” every time they work on a new project. I admit to having a bit of that in the back of my mind as well… But right at this moment, I will make a pact with myself that I’ll try to think of this album more as an accurate depiction of where I’m at in my life as an artist. Nothing less, nothing more. If I’m able to express my current depth and character in these songs, it is already a huge accomplishment, much beyond my earlier works.

I will never be the artists that I idolize, as much as I wish that I would be. It is time to embrace who I am in all my strengths and weaknesses, as they all make me who I am. My life and my experiences are why I have my unique story to tell, and it’s time to tell it, in my music. Not a Masterpiece, just my current truth.