FYI, I have decided to change into a Saturday-schedule with my blog due to shifts in my weekly plans. And seemingly related, but actually not very related at all–this week I am seriously getting into better time management. I bought this instructional book about the subject and it is interesting what time management really boils down to: knowing what the fuck you want to do with your life. That’s really the key issue, isn’t it? Otherwise you’re just wasting time, aren’t you?

I find that it is helpful for me at regular intervals to remind myself and thoroughly assess what my goals are and what I want to accomplish in life. It immediately reminds me that certain things that I get into a habit of considering luxuries (like reading books, magazines and exploring new music) are actually important stepping stones towards the goals that I’m aiming for. Thus they are not luxuries, instead they are necessities and I need to make time for them. (YES!!!) It helps to realign my thinking, to look at the bigger picture. Surprising fun stuff emerges..!

Looking at the bigger picture is also important in realizing that life consists not only of career goals, but also goals of living a healthy, happy, fulfilling existence, which ideally is full of love. Not rushing out the door to achieve and to conquer when one has an opportunity to receive kisses or caresses instead. First things first..!

My friend put it well: “It’s good to stay open to the possibility that any day could be the best day of your life.” Yup. Time management is good and important and all, but seems to me that there is something even more important to be used in conjunction with it: staying in the moment. It guarantees that I won’t miss those once-in-a-lifetime opportunities of just having a spectacular day. Perhaps it takes some wisdom to recognize when to stick to the curriculum and when to veer from it. I guess the idea is to have as much fun in the long term as possible. Let us choose wisely.