How does one know when one has cut off all of the strings to a person or a past experience? I have been cutting off strings left and right for the past few years; I didn’t even know I had so many tied to me… I am tempted to declare today, as I turn a significant page in my life, that this concludes a phase that I am now relieved and happy to leave behind. I’m tempted to declare that I have now cut off the last string. And yet, I still carry these memories that color much of what I see and cause me to react to certain situations in unwarranted ways… Don’t these memories count as strings too..?

I do not wish to part with memories. I do not even wish to part with old photographs, as many people tend to do. I do not wish to deny anything that happened, but I do wish to see reality accurately. And seeing reality accurately means that a lot of memories start looking very different from what they used to look like… It’s a matter of going through all of them, like old photographs, looking at all past experiences through a new, healthy perspective. I believe that it is through this exercise that at last all strings will be cut. Us human beings–we are meant to be free. Connected yes, but by choice, not through strings.

“Those who deny freedom to others deserve it not for themselves.”

– Abraham Lincoln, letter to H.L. Pierce, Apr. 6, 1859