I just went to see the Punch Brothers last night at New York’s Town Hall.
Originally I only went there to see my favorite new artist Jesca Hoop, who was opening up for them and didn’t really care about the Punch Brothers, as I hadn’t really heard much of their stuff before this… But wow. I am fucking floored. This was one of, if not the best concert I’ve ever seen. I couldn’t think of a more powerful bill: joyous, fierce, emotional… The combination of the two acts was impeccable!

Sometimes you see concerts like this where you end up feeling like you’ve wasted your whole fucking life. You see someone doing something so well that it hardly seems humanly possible…. I mean, the cover of Kid A that the Punch Brothers performed? What the hell?? Unfuckingbelievable. The musicianship, the abandon, the obvious love for their craft and the originality of the music… Ah! It makes me emotional right now.

I have been carrying a lot of sadness and anger around this week, for the many injustices of my life. It’s a grieving process that’s ongoing and utterly healthy actually. It pisses me off that I’ve had to waste so much time on this crap instead of being able to work on what I love in this world. But getting the anger and sadness out will enable me to sink my teeth into all those things that inspire me. Suppressing these feelings is the block that’s created between me and the world: anxiety. A performance like the one I witnessed last night reminds me of why I do what I do; why I constantly want to evolve, why I love music, why it’s so important in this world….
I thank the universe for experiences like this.