I’m learning to listen.
Man, that shit is hard!
Even if I concentrate with all my might, it’s hard for me to shut up with my advice and coaxing. I guess the rule is that if people don’t ask for advice, none is to be given… But goddammit, it slips in there anyway, more often than I’d care to admit.

It’s not that I feel like I have all the answers, but it’s hard to watch from the sidelines sometimes when people close to me struggle with their problems…. A situation that could so easily be turned around by just a few changes…. But alas, there are things in this life I have no power over… I truly cannot change anyone else’s life but my own.

So, I’ll listen. I know from my own experience that given a chance to talk, sometimes I end up figuring out the answers to my problems myself. And truly, people fix their problems once they’re ready to fix them. If, in some cases they never are ready, fuck it, I’ll accept that too. It’s about time I concentrate on my own shit and stop carrying everyone else’s. It’s not my job. Never was. Freedom.