When I embarked upon my journey of soul-searching, I was told that the process would be akin to unraveling a ball of yarn, a little at a time. Through my own experience I have learned that this is indeed a very good way to describe it. There is always more to unravel, always more to understand… It’s impossible to know how much is still hidden underneath. Every new discovery life-changing, mind-blowing… and yet utterly natural at the same time. It is as if I knew the answers all along somewhere deep within… And I’m sure that in the end, I did.

So it is with health, it seems to me. Having started on a journey towards health, harmony and balance on a physical level is a similar unraveling of a ball of yarn. The mound of shit that I’ve already sorted through health-wise is enormous. And yet, I’m discovering, there is always more. But there is a curious thing that happens: as my life and my health gets better, things that never used to bother me, now all of a sudden take up a huge amount of space and need fixing. It feels kinda backwards, don’t it?

Backwards it ain’t. The journey instead is about simplifying, both on an emotional and on a physical level. Finding the elements that work, instead of a mountain of wrong ones. In this way the bulk of the ball of yarn disappears: what was once a life filled with excesses of all kinds, slowly gets whittled down to the basics.

Elemental, man. That’s the way I like my music, that’s the way I like my art, that’s the way I like my food, that’s the way I like my frickin’ life: the right, carefully chosen ingredients, combined artfully, thoughtfully and with acquired skill. Fuck off if you think it’s less. It’s more.

Happy holidays, people!