I find it scary to talk about these things, as I have a fear of rejection… This shit is bound to turn some of you off. Nevertheless, it is too important for me not to talk about it, so here goes:

Last night I attended an event here in NYC organized by The Climate Reality Project, where I heard Al Gore speak on the subject of climate change. As he spoke, the screen behind Mr. Gore showed scene after scene of the most horrific destruction I’ve ever seen caused by extreme weather, which has now become our ‘New Normal’. We are getting used to a completely new reality, where record-breaking storms, floods, droughts, fires and mudslides are commonplace. Unfortunately it’s just going to get worse in the years to come.

It is hard for me to accept, that so many people are still debating the reasons for this shift in weather, when 97 percent of scientists in the world agree that climate change is mainly caused by human activity. It is hard for me to accept that there are numerous esteemed politicians and trusted news reporters, that are still spreading doubt about our responsibility in this. They are playing into the pockets of big corporations, and disregarding the rights of people in this world. Perhaps this is not intentional, but that doesn’t excuse it. We are not to be gullible in matters of such seriousness. Yes, this shit is scary! Yes, we would rather not it be true! But ‘ignore it, and it will go away’ does not work here. (I don’t know that it ever does, actually.)

Walking down 34th street towards the subway after yesterday’s event was quite shocking for me. I rarely go to that neighborhood these days, with big department stores like Macy’s, H&M, Forever 21, etc., back to back to back…. It made me reflect on the plastic nature of our culture, and the entertainment that we’re being fed these days; possibly to counteract the harsh reality of what’s actually going on in the world. We put on the news and we see the Worst Tornado Ever, that just narrowly missed our neighborhood, then we soothe ourselves by watching our chosen self-centered and irresponsible reality-TV-hero obsessing about minutiae. The shallowness has a mind-numbing, relaxing effect, and it gives us license to drop some of our responsibility too.

But we Can’t drop our responsibility. We are not powerless to sway the minds of politicians, as Al Gore said last night. If we communicate to our leaders that what we want is clean, renewable energy; at the risk of us not voting for them, they will listen! We need volume and participation, but unfortunately our culture is trying to keep us and make us into passive consumers. We can’t afford to allow that. The only way to make positive changes is if we the people take charge. I can’t change anyone else, but I sure as hell can be active myself. I will be writing my frickin’ senators, presidents and governors, even though I still can’t even vote in this country. I’m doing it as a citizen of EU, concerned for the well-being of all of us in this world. If you’re interested, please check out these sites below. There are so many ways to be active and make change happen. I’m just getting started….