I am in absorption mode right now, and find my head a bit scattered.
Therefore, instead of rambling about something I have not entirely grasped,
I will again share with you a passage from Diane Dreher’s book, The Tao of Inner Peace, which I have been immersing myself in.

There’s an old story of a man who approached the Buddha, asking the secret of happiness.
“Did you eat breakfast?” asked the Buddha.
“Yes, master,” answered the young man, wondering if the answer was so simple.
“Did you wash your bowl?” the Buddha continued.
“Yes, master,” the young man answered again.
“Did you do a good job?” the Buddha asked.
Then the man realized the answer was in the present moment. Happiness comes from attending to whatever we’re doing, knowing that in our smallest action we affirm our beliefs.

Finding value in the everyday requires self-discipline. Moving in harmony, sitting
up straight, listening intently, speaking honestly and being present in all we do, takes consistent concentration…
Man, I’m so not there yet. But it’s something I aspire to, and will work toward, one day at a time… I mean, what’s the alternative?