Friends, I bought my first bass yesterday! My new companion is a Höfner “violin bass”, a.k.a. the Beatle bass, similar to the one used by Paul McCartney throughout his career. I have to say, it’s Pretty Fuckin’ Cool!

Getting my own bass, learning to play it, and utilizing it as a tool to create the vision for my next record requires some balls. I don’t know that I’d be quite as brave at this point, were it not for the encouragement and support that I’m receiving right now. To have a constant positive voice in my life is priceless. A person who recognizes my talent, my intelligence and my musicianship; a person who fans my flames of interest into passion towards life and discovery… Having a mentor (or quite honestly, more than one) is completely altering my life.

Being supportive to another requires that one is comfortable in his or her own skin, and that seems to be a rare quality… Most of us have had so many negative messages coming at us since childhood, that we often find it threatening when others possess gifts or talents that we’d like to have as well. Instead of being energized and positively motivated by that twinge of jealousy (which would be way smarter…), it is common for us people to be passively aggressive towards those that we actually
admire. I’m sure most of us have had to deal with this in one way or another…

Two nights ago I watched one of the best films, that I’ve ever seen: a beautifully shot documentary about Patti Smith called Dream Of Life. Watching this film, that followed her life intimately over 11 years, I could have easily chosen to be threatened and discouraged by the scope of Patti Smith’s artistry, her power and her myriad talents… Instead, I chose to be inspired. I want to find a way, little by little, to make my life as meaningful and artistic in its own way. Nope, I will never be Patti Smith. (Nor will she ever be Bob Dylan, who she clearly admires very much..) But I am able to truly appreciate her uniqueness and her talents now, as I’m finally recognizing and getting comfortable with my own. Having positive people for support and guidance makes all the difference. I blow a kiss of gratitude to the breeze…….