I’m enjoying the fact that there are so many threads in my life these days. Whether it’s the threads of work, relationships, home, or a sense of personal contribution, I feel like I’m weaving them all together to create a deliberate design… I’m creating a fabric, a picture, of who I am and who I want to be. For the first time, I’ve picked out the threads and yarns myself, and it is quite exciting to see the image that is emerging…

This picture looks very different from the one that I was weaving before. In the past, it was all pretty tangled up and messy, even with so many fewer threads to work with. For a while there, all my strings were wound around somebody else’s finger… Turns out, that’s not a very productive place to be. So, we use scissors, and we start again.

According to Carl Sagan, even if one was able to time-travel, it would probably be pretty hard to change the course of history by changing just one thing. Apparently this is because of all the different threads going on at any given time, e.g. biological, economic, sociopolitical… These create a complex and dense weave that is not so easily unraveled.

I like to think that with our lives, it could be the same way. If we build our lives around one thing, we are easily shattered by change and events beyond our control. If instead, we decide to make our lives rich with meaning on many fronts, we won’t come undone so easily. I doubt that I will ever have to cut up all my threads and start from scratch again. I may decide to add/change colors or textures, some strings may be cut, but I have a solid base now to build on top of. Tangles be gone.