I’d like to harken back to the toolbox of emotional tools, that I mentioned a couple of weeks ago… As one hacks away at the stuff in life, one gets so tired sometimes, that all one can handle is a pair of tweezers. Even lifting up the hammer is a chore. But this is a valid phase, and the tweezers are a valid tool, I say. Seems to me, that if you keep hacking at the big things at all times, you will miss the splinter. Take the splinter out, even the bigger things get easier.

I’ve been disregarding the splinters of my life a lot, because I thought they were insignificant. I learned to live with many “small” annoyances, because I was taught it was sissy of me to get so worked up about “a little splinter.” So I walked around with many. But here’s the thing about splinters: they hurt, and thus they take up a lot space in the mind. Plus, they can get infected. Better to take care of problems while they are still small, is what I now think. It is justified and healthy. The little things is what the big picture consists of.

The way I see it, is that if anything hinders my journey at this point, or slows me down in my quest, it has got to go. However much work it may take me to get rid of them (and provided these are things that I can actually control).

As I address the issue of the splinters, I feel like for the first time I may have a fair fight ahead of me. Seriously. It almost feels like I’m starting over…
*gathers tools and gets back to work*