It is becoming increasingly clear to me, that in order to remain sane in this world, one needs a variety of emotional tools. It really makes sense if you think about it: it is not enough to use a hammer for every job, as there are many different issues and problems we need to tackle. So, we need: hand tools! power tools! wrenches! welders! a sponge! glue! Ok, you get the picture…

The last couple of weeks have been hard for me, because I’ve been learning to use tools that I haven’t handled before. What invariably has happened in the past, is that once I find a new tool, I drop every other one I’ve ever acquired. (Example: I discover anger, then proceed to be blinded by anger for a full week, and more…)
Then, when I’ve realized that the new tool is not the answer to all my problems, I usually get frustrated and scared and lose my mojo for a couple of days. Well, after last week’s momentary hopeless slump, I started trying something different: how about I use all of these tools I’ve acquired?? At the same time, or whenever I need them? Makes a lot of sense, doesn’t it?

Truthfully, it’s required me getting well acquainted with all these tools separately, before I’m actually able to do some serious damage, by using them all. There are no shortcuts and no quick fixes. Lessons are learned gradually, in their own time, and with experience. To be able to hack away at my life, in the manner that I’m doing right now, has taken a lot of work on my part.

Many of the tools that I’d acquired until this last year, were twisted, mangled and rendered useless. I could just throw most of them away–just like that. But I now have a new kit, and this shit works. I can certainly be better at utilizing them, but I’ll learn. One day at a time. And perhaps there are still some super-tools out there waiting, undiscovered. Well, I look forward to finding them, and learning to use them too. Life is exciting.