Much on my mind…. I’m seeing the connectedness in so many things I didn’t realize were connected before. Truth is, everything is. I’ve been going through a brain-revolution this week. I don’t look at anything (or anyone) quite the same way anymore. At the risk of alienating my reader, I’m just gonna get this out of my system. It feels important.

I’ve been watching renowned astronomer and author Carl Sagan’s Cosmos-series this week; educating myself on the universe, Earth, space travel, time travel and U-man beings (as Mr. Sagan would say…hehe…). Beyond exciting, beyond fascinating! All these prospects of discovery of new worlds and new life, of ourselves….. I have so much belief in our capacities–how far we could stretch and evolve, if we give ourselves the chance. How far we have already come! If we do not destroy ourselves, we will be able to travel to the stars. (!!!) I believe this species has what it takes to become Highly Evolved. We are discoverers, adventurers by heart–not warmongers!

Here comes the wild connection. There are those amongst us (1 in 25 people), who have no conscience–towards other people, or towards Earth itself. This is fact. I have been very blind to this all my life, and always assumed the best about everyone. I’ve tried my hardest to explain away the evil behavior of certain people close to me, thinking that there must a reason, an explanation. I have learned this week, that the explanation in some cases is that they actually don’t have feelings, the way the rest of us do. (Suggested reading: The Sociopath Next Door, by Martha Stout)

Because it is so hard to spot these characters, the safest thing to do, is to learn to use one’s reasoning skills. To know oneself thoroughly, so as not to be swayed by manipulation. To question authority when needed, as you never know, who’s running the show. We need to learn to do this individually, and as a whole. We can’t afford to be intimidated–to have some sociopath tell us that there’s no global warming for example, and to keep consuming as we are doing. It’s serving their individual purposes, not us U-man beings as a whole. Those of us lucky enough to have been blessed with a conscience–need to think for ourselves, feel for ourselves and take responsibility, more than ever before.

People without a conscience, left unchecked, have the capacity to destroy us all. I vote for reason, courage and heart. Seriously, I just want to see us build a really fucking cool spaceship.