I got very excited about New Year this time around. I got this crazy spurt of energy and decided to change my life completely. Hehe…. I was gonna be extra-organized, extra-diligent, extra-motivated, extra-fast, extra-everything… I was trying to reach a goal that is simply unattainable: some sort of Perfection in my life. The irony is, that within a week of me being all extra-effective, I have totally overdone it. I didn’t give myself enough time to steep and think and appreciate all that I had accomplished. Now I’m feeling fried and frustrated, and very high-strung. There’s no life in all that hectic running around and achieving. There’s no creativity. There’s just anxiety, and I’m just about done with that, thank you very much.

So, I think there’s one more resolution I should make for the New Year. I am to be more compassionate towards myself–allowing myself enough time to center myself, to listen to how I’m feeling, what I am thinking… not just press on mindlessly.

I think the trouble with most of us, especially here in the States, is that we don’t have enough examples of a balanced life. We are constantly bombarded with the message, that we are to work hard and make lots of money and buy shit. That’s why we have to work doubly hard at reminding ourselves of what really matters….

Well. I opt for sanity. I opt for health and I opt for balance. I bet you I’ll be more effective in the long run if I learn to pace myself. Fuck perfection.