I write this, as I listen to Paul McCartney’s Ram On… (And Dear Boy, following!) Oh my God. So beautiful!!! And unfortunately, so short…. *presses repeat*

For everything that I’m thinking or feeling right now, there is a conflicting, opposite emotion happening at the same time. All this year I’ve come to realize that everything is gray area. “Both are true” is one of the more profound wisdoms I’ve come to understand through my experiences. Even if I wished everything to be black and white… It makes for a lot of confusion. Argh.

All is slowing down this time of year, including my brain. Being that it’s impossible to make sense of anything right now, I declare this “steeping time.” I will wait. I will be patient. And in time, the bigger picture will present itself. I don’t have to figure out anything today. Just eat. And enjoy the moment with my friends. Confusion and enjoyment can coexist. Both are true. 🙂

Merry Xmas!!!