I just came from a walk (attempted run) in Prospect Park. This was an outing designed to lift me up from a slump I’ve been in all week…alas, to no avail. Despite seeing turtle (!) and chipmunk.
Ok, now I’m smiling a little.

I decided it is not my duty to write a positive, uplifting blog, unless I’m really feeling it. Right now, I’m not. I am out of sorts and so be it.

Within my slump I am writing. A beautiful melody keeps playing in my head, about to turn into a song stained with, so far, at least one dirty word. Does an artist get a “parental advisory explicit lyrics”-sign for saying the word ‘prick’? I hope so. It would be quite exciting.

Come to my gig next week, yo. I think I’ll play a new song. That one’s just a little dirty too. šŸ™‚