I am such a recluse these days! But it’s a good thing. Alone time is the most healing thing in the world; provided you’ve rummaged through your closets, know what’s there, and have made/are making peace with it. I feel like I’m finally doing it. Lately, I’ve been willing to look each demon, that I’ve encountered, straight in the eye. I have researched them on the internet (ha!) and am in the process of taking their power away. It’s a whack-a-mole-fest! And I’m feeling righteous anger too, which is a most liberating thing, motherfuckerrrrsssss!!
Although I sing about running away from emotions, I have to say I strongly advocate not doing that. Believe you me, I speak from experience.

Life used to be so very confusing to me. A veil is lifting, day by day by day. A new world is being revealed. I am like Neo in The Matrix. Muscle atrophy and all, unfortunately… 🙂